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Octopath Traveler: Are There Character Interactions?


Octopath Traveler: Are There Character Interactions?

Are There Character Interactions in Octopath Traveler

There are eight protagonists you’ll meet in Octopath Traveler – Ophilia the Priestess, Cyrus the Scholar, Tressa the Merchant, Olberic the Mercenary, Primrose the Dancer, Alfyn the Apothecarist, Therion the Thief, and H’aanit the Huntress. Each person has their own reason for traveling, and while you start off with one person, you can have them all in your party. Since Octopath Traveler plays out a bit differently than your standard role-playing game, some fans might be wondering if there are any character interactions throughout the story.

All of the heroes do have character interactions throughout the story, although not in the way you probably think it does. In most cases, your party will develop and grow together as a team through scripted events and cutscenes. As for Octopath Traveler, on the other hand, these scenes take the form of “Travel Banter,” which are mini-events that appear from time to time. When they do, you’ll get a notice to press “+” to watch the character interactions unfold. Now, it’s worth noting that these scenes largely depend on who is in your active party, so you pretty much have control over who spends time with who. Once you finish the story and land in post-game, however, the character interactions won’t depend on your active party anymore.

Take note that characters in Octopath Traveler will not interact with each other during their individual stories, meaning the goody two-shoes Ophilia won’t be popping up on Therion’s heists. Travel Banter is the only form of character interactions you’ll have in Octopath Traveler, so keep that in mind whenever you’re on an important story mission.

That pretty much sums up everything you need to know about character interactions. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on Octopath Traveler, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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