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No Man’s Sky NEXT: What The Install Size Is


No Man’s Sky NEXT: What The Install Size Is

Here’s The Install Size for No Man’s Sky NEXT Update

No Man’s Sky was revealed in 2013 as a PlayStation exclusive (but now, is on Xbox One and PC as well) primed to take the world by storm. In a dangerous combination of chatter overload, mass marketing, developer promises and more, the hype surrounding this sci-fi exploration game reached heights unheard of for most video games. The studio behind the game, Hello Games, had no more than 20 people working on the game when it was announced — that number has grown though. Today, the team is bigger than ever and after an almost-death blow from critics and fans alike (it’s not that the game was bad; it just wasn’t what many felt was promised to them), to which Hello Games responded with pure silence. The team now is primed to bring fans the delight they felt leading up the game’s original release, and this is spearheaded by the NEXT update. Of course, with such a substantial update, many may be wondering what the install size for the game, and this latest update is.

If you know anything about No Man’s Sky, you know this game is about you, the player, exploring space in an effort to find the center of the universe, seemingly free to do whatever you please along the way. The universe you’re free to explore is virtually limitless — no seriously, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of planets, systems and more for you to stumble upon. On top of that, since it’s release, No Man’s Sky has received three large free updates adding things such as terrain-traversing vehicles, home bases, building, hours and hours of story content and more. With the NEXT update, even more is being added to the game, such as a more direct multiplayer and more, meaning the install size of No Man’s Sky is set to increase once again.

When it launched, the install size was very small — six gigabytes to be exact. The NEXT update, which is live now, is 9.727 gigabytes, bringing the total size of No Man’s Sky (including all previous updates) to 14.08 gigabytes.

For more on No Man’s Sky, be sure to check out our wiki.

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