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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Customize Character Appearance


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Customize Character Appearance

How to Customize Character Appearance in No Man’s Sky NEXT

No Man’s Sky NEXT adds a huge amount of content to the game. In fact, it’s the most substantial update to date by far, packing a huge amount of new content in the experience. There’s been an overhaul to the game’s graphics and several new tweaks to various mechanics and systems. But the most noteworthy new features in NEXT are the addition of multiplayer, as well as the ability to switch between first and third-person perspective. As you might imagine, that moves No Man’s Sky into a space in which customization and appearance now become important, and Hello Games haven’t forgotten to include a slew of options to satisfy our vanity. There’s a huge amount of different colors and designs you can deck your character out with, so here’s how to customize your character’s appearance in No Mans’ Sky NEXT.

To alter your appearance, you’ll need to head to a Space Station. From the hanger area, head upstairs to the control center where you’ll see several NPCs congregated around the bridge area. Just outside there should be a circular platform, approach it and you’ll see the prompt “Appearance Modifier.” That’s the function you want, so head over to it and interact to open a menu that will adjust your avatar’s appearance. You can then customize your race, head, torso, armor, gloves, legs, boots, and backpack. You’ll be able to completely alter the design of your suit as well as its color. Our personal favorite is the Tony Stark red centerpiece mimicking the Iron Man suit!

That’s all you need to know about how to customize your character’s appearance in No Man’s Sky NEXT. For more useful information, tips, and guides on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s expanding wiki page.

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