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No Man’s Sky NEXT: Tips for Beginners and Returning Players


No Man’s Sky NEXT: Tips for Beginners and Returning Players

Start a Fresh Game

No Man’s Sky NEXT Beginner Tips

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If you’re new to No Man’s Sky, or you haven’t played the game since launch, you’re definitely going to want to start a fresh save file. So much has changed with the NEXT update that if you load up an old file, you might find that a lot of your technology has gone obsolete, or you might be out of resources.

It’s worth noting that your starting planet is always random, and if you’re new to the game, we recommend resetting until you start on a planet that’s not completely hostile to you. For instance, if you spawn on an irradiated planet that’s killing your hazard protection faster than you can farm Carbon, and you have hostile Sentinels that are shooting on sight, you’re probably gonna want to restart.

For players who started an older save file, dismantle your obsolete technology for Technology Modules that will allow you to craft better upgrades for your multi-tool and ship. We also recommend reading through our guide on Antimatter and Warp Cell crafting so you’re up to speed on what you need to do to get around the galaxy. Check the next page as well for a quick rundown on which basic resources you need to stock up on.

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