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Islands of Nyne: How to Crouch


Islands of Nyne: How to Crouch

How to Crouch in Islands of Nyne

In the sci-fi FPS battle royale game, Islands of Nyne, you’ll need to think carefully and strategically about how you traverse the environment. As with other last-man-standing-type experiences, knowing when to crouch and prone will give you a tactical advantage in a shootout, and it’ll help conceal you when you’re trying to remain undetected. And with a fast-paced shooting experience such as Islands of Nyne, having complete mastery of your controls is absolutely crucial. Therefore, you’ll definitely need to know how to Crouch in the game.

Luckily, crouching is simple in Islands of Nyne since it uses a generic key command that virtually every FPS on PC employs. To crouch, hit the CTRL button on the lower-right corner of your keyboard. You’ll find that’s a pretty optimum position to tap with your pinky as you move across each map. Our advice would be to always hover your finger over the top of the key, since you never quite know when crouching is going to suddenly be necessary to give you an edge in combat or move through a tight space.

Islands of Nyne is a Sci-Fi battle royale experience with an aesthetic that reminds us of a cross between Halo and Crysis. As is typical in battle royale games, you’re able to play solo or in squads, but there are several arenas rather than a single map. The game launched July 12 as a Steam Early Access package and is currently free to download. The release date for the full experience is yet to be announced, and there’s no word yet on a console release.

That’s all you’ll need to know about how to crouch in Islands of Nyne. For more useful information and guides for the game, keep it locked on Twinfinite.

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