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Hello Neighbor: How to Beat Act 1


Hello Neighbor: How to Beat Act 1

How to Beat Act in Hello Neighbor

In Act 1 of Hello Neighbor, your goal is to find a red key which allows you to enter the basement of the neighbor’s house. To get the red key you need to gain access to the roof of your neighbor’s house. Here’s how you do that. Keep in mind, throughout most of act 1, the neighbor will be patrolling almost constantly. Always stay vigilant.

After you get caught by the neighbor in the early part of the act, go to your house (the greener one) and grab some cardboard boxes. You’ll need them for anything you’re too short to reach which is a lot of things. If you look at your neighbor’s house (the pale blue one) you’ll see that there’s a ladder up against the house by the front door. Climb up it, and use the cardboard boxes to give you access to the roof.

Once you’re on the roof, use something (anything hard) to break the window gaining access to the upper level of the house. In there is a lever that will activate a lift on the other side of the house that will take you where you need to go. It will need power though. To provide it power, in the same room with the lever there is a painting with a flower. Grab it, and behind it is a secret room with a switch that you can hit.

The switch powers that fan and when switched on, will blow whatever you put on the shelf with it onto the lever on the floor. You want to do that, and then jump out the window where you came, around to the left side of the house onto the wooden platform and wait until it goes back up.

Break the window, and on that room on a nightstand there is a red key, grab that, you’ll need it. Go back through to the front door and in the first room to the left there is a door with a red lock on it. That’s where you want to go. Follow along until you reach a washing machine. It’s actually a door to yet another room. You’ll hit a dead end, but the windows in this room are fake. Pull them down (the one on the right) to reveal yet another room. In there is a power switch on the wall, hit it and that powers another door nearby that you can now open using its switch.

Continue along and head to the door with the red light outside of it. Flick the switch and enter. Clear the door in the next room and go back and clear any doors that were blocking any chairs so you can have full access to the area unhindered. Go back to where you turned the power on, and now turn it off. Your goal is to get to the other side of the fence to where that generator is when you first went through the powered door. You can pile things over to get over the fence or re-navigate your way around to it.

When you hit the generator, you’ll power a green light door on the other side of the fence, hit the switch and go through that door. That will begin a chase scene which will end the act 1 of Hello Neighbor.

That does it for how to clear act 1 of Hello Neighbor. Best of luck with the rest of the game!

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