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Ghost of Tsushima Hopes to Tell a Universal Story


Ghost of Tsushima Hopes to Tell a Universal Story

Sucker Punch is serious in taking the right steps to appropriately recreate 13th century Japan for Ghost of Tsushima. Aside from having visited Tsushima for research purposes, Sucker Punch also maintains connections with Japanese developers and natives. Despite their intent to authentically show the culture and history of 13th century Japan, the developers hope that Ghost of Tsushima resonates with all types of audiences, not just Japanese gamers.

Speaking to Venture Beat, Sucker Punch boss Chris Zimmerman said his studio hopes to tell a story that everyone can enjoy. “We’re going to tell a story that we hope is universal, that everyone can relate to, that’s our take on this time and place. We hope we can take people back there, and I think we’ve been relatively successful so far. Fingers crossed that we can pull it off all the way,” said Zimmerman.

It’s worth noting that Sucker Punch previously stated that Ghost of Tsushima is not aiming for 100 percent historical accuracy, as they will be making intentional creative liberties.

Set in 1274 during the first Mongol invasion, Ghost of Tsushima puts players in the shoes of samurai Jin Sakai who fights for Japan’s independence. The game will release exclusively on PS4 at an unannounced date.

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