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Fortnite’s Birthday Celebration Starts Next Week

Fortnite Birthday

Fortnite’s Birthday Celebration Starts Next Week

As difficult as it may be to believe, Fortnite is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary, or in a more cutesy manner, its first birthday! That’s why developer Epic Games is throwing a party of sorts in celebration of the game’s milestone.

Fornite: Battle Royale players will get to take part in a new three-part challenge starting on July 24, when the official celebration kicks off. It’ll last three days, and the first challenge will award players with 5,000 experience points for playing through 14 matches. The second one will give them a happy birthday emote for dealing 1,000 damage. Finally, the last challenge will award players with a happy birthday spray if they take the time to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes. If you complete every single one of the challenges, you’ll unlock a birthday cake bake bling for your trouble.

For players opting to try out Save the World, all players will have to do is complete the Fortnite Birthday quest line and they’ll get the new Birthday Brigade Ramirez hero for their time. Tickets can be spent on a new Birthday Llama as well, which will have special heroes and weapons from every event so far over this year.

Looking forward to celebrating Fortnite’s birthday milestone? Get out there and make all the cake-themed rewards yours!

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