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Fortnite Season 5’s Latest Promo Teases Worlds Colliding

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Fortnite Season 5’s Latest Promo Teases Worlds Colliding

The launch of Fortnite Season 5 is just about a day away, and it’s set to happen around 4 AM ET. But that hasn’t stopped Epic Games from having one last hurrah about the whole thing, with one final tease that went up on Twitter. The company is going to continue to introduce teasers up until the final moment before the new season hits, and the latest is an interesting tease.

The latest teaser features dimensional rifts and the words “WORLDS COLLIDE,” which is a bit barebones, but it’s certainly enough to get fans’ blood pumping. This is the latest teaser to join images of a Japanese Kitsune (fox) mask, a Viking axe, and various other goodies that seem to suggest some sort of historical mash-up with various different themed content zones.

Of course, there could be a whole lot more to the update than that, but this latest tease has us pumped for what could be rolling out in the future. it’s not very far away, and every time there’s a new Fortnite update, we know Epic Games does it up big.

Are you waiting to see what drops when Season 5 debuts early in the morning? Let us know if you’ll be waiting for the new content to go live!

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