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DBZ Dokkan Battle: What the Best Cards Are


DBZ Dokkan Battle: What the Best Cards Are

What the Best Cards Are in DBZ Dokkan Battle

So you want to assemble the best cards in DBZ Dokkan Battle for your deck? Be warned, it will take a long time, as well as a degree of luck/enough money to be able to buy all of the cards you need. As a primer, keep in mind that the concept of best cards is highly situational: you will have to play your type advantages in each individual battle, as well as building a deck that has enough synergy. Got an ultra strong card that doesn’t have enough friends to pull off an effective link in a pinch? Doesn’t pay to be too much of a jerkwad in the land of the Dokkan Battle.

For a more specific answer on what the best cards are in DBZ Dokkan Battle, however, you’ll have to look into the rarer cards, mostly those classified as UR (ultra rare) or LR (legendary rare). That’s where the most powerful characters lurk, and just like in the anime, they are the kinds of characters you would expect: primarily, variations of Goku, Vegeta and other Saiyans, as well as a few other additions here and there.

Characters that you can assign as leaders will often be at the top of their respective classes, as they are intended to be cards that you can build the rest of your roster around. Again, ensure that you go into battle with a leader for whom you have strong links with the other cards in your possession.

Goku and Vegeta’s fused forms are particularly potent; SSGSS Vegito (Strength Surpassing God), Super Vegito (Limitless Radiance) and Super Gogeta (Outshining Darkness) are among the most fearsome of warriors. LSSJ Broly (Indestructible Sayain Evil) and the wicked Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black (Rose Stained Super Saiyan) are excellent alternatives, with Broly being a fantastic option for a strength-based character.

Generally speaking, any form of Broly is going to wreak havoc on your opponents – if you end up in possession of one, no matter which form he may be in, you’ll put yourself at a serious advantage. Beyond that, try to find Saiyan cards that have reached SSGSS level; they are available in different types, which helps when trying to build a team around them.

That does it for the best cards in DBZ Dokkan Battle. For more DBZ Dokkan Battle tips, tricks and guides, stick with the team here on Twinfinite (Unfathomable Knowledge Source)!

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