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Westworld Mobile: How to Build Facilities & Buildings


Westworld Mobile: How to Build Facilities & Buildings

How to Build Facilities & Buildings in Westworld Mobile

In the Westworld Mobile game, your ultimate goal is to have everything under your control and maintain order – so the ability to construct facilities and buildings is of paramount importance. In order to do so, click on the hammer and wrench icon on the right side of the screen to open the building menu (they will be forming the shape of an X). This will open up a Park tab, and a Delos tab in Westworld Mobile’s building menu. Park is where the Saloon, Bank, Sheriff’s Office and other buildings can be found; destinations that your guests and hosts will interact in. In the Delos section, you will find all of the facilities crucial to keeping the park functional in Westworld Mobile.

Select whichever you desire, and you will be given the opportunity to place it wherever you want, as long as you have the necessary funds. Confirm the construction, and voila! You’re the proud owner of a brand new structure.

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