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Vampyr: How to Use Ultimate Attacks


Vampyr: How to Use Ultimate Attacks

How to Use Ultimate Attacks in Vampyr

Vampyr puts you in the shoes of Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor living in 1918 London, who’s turned into a vampire against his will. Jonathan is forced to grapple between his duty as a doctor and his increasing bloodlust as a vampire, all while trying to keep the boroughs of London from falling into chaos. Of course, with his new vampiric abilities come a range of different powers to use, one of which is ultimate attacks.

Ultimate attacks will unlock partway through Vampyr, and they’re the final abilities that unlock for Jonathan. There are three different ones in total, but you can only have one equipped at any given time. To use ultimate attacks, all you need to is hold down R2+L2 (RT+LT on Xbox).

These are powerful abilities that can easily save you if you’re in a pinch, or surrounded by enemies. Like Jonathan’s other abilities, ultimate attacks can also be upgraded to increase their attack damage. Make sure to try out each ultimate attack and see which one fits your style best. That is, of course, if you’re deciding to go for combat and not just trying to stealth your way through the game.

For more tips and help on Vampyr, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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