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Valve Is Introducing Its Own Alternative to Steam Spy

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Valve Is Introducing Its Own Alternative to Steam Spy

After altering its privacy settings in a manner that effectively changed the way popular analytics site Steam Spy operated, Valve has announced that it is currently working on its own alternative to the service. According to the company, it’s “something better” than Steam Spy, though there aren’t really any details currently on what that might be.

When asked about the company’s plans to delve into these types of tools, head of business development Jan-Peter Ewert (via PCGamesN) had explained that when Steam doesn’t always have everything folks want, they should be able to step in with their own creations.

“Our general approach has always been to provide open APIs so that when we don’t offer the amount of tools that we should, the community can step in,” he said.

Of course, that’s in reference to tools like Steam Spy. Ewert went on to stated that n terms of accuracy, Steam Spy had a “broad variance’ in how accurate it was. “It was very accurate for some games, it was very inaccurate for some others,” he stated.

According to Ewert, he stated that Valve was going to work on its own “new tools and new ways of getting data out of Steam.” In other news, Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin is looking forward to the tool when it finally does debut.

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