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Top 4 Best Anime of June You Should Watch


Top 4 Best Anime of June You Should Watch

FLCL Progressive

Best Anime of June 2018 You Need to Watch

FLCL Alternative is the long, long-awaited follow-up to the 2003 cult classic anime, FLCL. The original anime was beloved for its phenomenal sense of humor, unique animation style, and memorable cast of characters. The show centered around Naota Nadaba, a 12-year-old boy who one day is run over by a girl named Haruko Haruhara on her yellow Vespa. Haruhara gives the boy CPR, then hits him on the head with an electric guitar, opening up a portal that summons giant robots.

Two new FLCL series are coming this year, and they both use the same ludicrous kind of setup to their stories. FLCL Progressive, the first of the two, follows the 14-year-old Hidomi and her friend Ide who encounter extraterrestrial beings that want to “unlock” their hidden potential. The second, FLCL Alternative, follows the 17-year-old Kana whose boring life is interrupted by a giant mecha abruptly falling from the sky. Just like the original, both Progressive and Alternative will be six episodes long, sticking to the breakneck pacing of the original, with each episode feeling like a big event. At the moment, the show is only airing on Adult Swim, but you can stream it via their website as well. The first episode of Progressive, also known as Season 2, sticks to the tone of the original, and while it doesn’t do anything revolutionary, it’s a good start. You can catch the second episode of FLCL Progressive on June 10 at 1:00am, and subsequent episodes at the same time on Sundays, or online. FLCL Alternative, or FLCL Season 3, will premiere sometime this fall on Adult Swim.

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