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The Steam Summer Sale Is Live Right Now

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The Steam Summer Sale Is Live Right Now

Another year, another Steam Summer Sale, right? The 2018 Steam Summer Sale is underway right now, with plenty of sales to dig into and spend all that hard-earned cash on. Seriously, hope you’ve been saving up, because it’s time for another assault on your wallet.

These sales are typically big ones to speak of, so you’ll be able to collect cards, rack up more money in your history of spending on Steam, and grab tons of deals that you can share with your friends. We’ll even help you pick out some of the best games to grab so you don’t choose incorrectly. We know they can be cheap, but not every single game is a diamond. You probably already knew that, though.

This time, the sale has an “intergalactic” theme, as you can see below with the planets, aliens, and title of the sale emblazoned across the top of the Store page.

Among some of the games on sale include Stardock’s selection of titles, Headup’s portfolio of games, and a whole lot more just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them.

Check out the sale by logging into Steam and heading to the store now, and we’ll keep you updated on some of the best choices so you’re not throwing money into the trash. Happy Steam Sale Day, everyone! Let us know what you end up purchasing in the comments below!

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