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The Division 2 Will Feature a Brand New Agent, No Carry-Overs From the First Game

The Division 2

The Division 2 Will Feature a Brand New Agent, No Carry-Overs From the First Game

One of the biggest questions we had going into The Division 2 was whether any of our character progress from the first game would be carried over into the sequel. We got to speak with Julian Gerighty, the Creative Director for the sequel, and he confirmed that players will be taking control of a new Agent this time. Which means that we’re going to have to leave our original character behind.

However, Gerighty also mentioned that they’ll be launching something called the Shield Initiative in the first game on June 14. Similar to Destiny’s Age of Triumph at the end of its life cycle, this program allows players to earn rewards by doing specific things in the game. This will allow them to unlock exclusive items in The Division 2.

‘So the Shield Initiative is 14 different collectibles that you can unlock in the first game, and they’re not only rewards for doing stuff in the first game – currency caches, patches, things like that. They’ll also reward you in The Division 2 with some exclusive items, so it’s really worth jumping back into the game. Some rewards are retroactive so you’ll get them automatically, and for others, you’ll have to invest a little bit of time.’

The Division 2 is set to be released for March 15, 2019. You can check out our full Q&A with Gerighty here.


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