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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: All of the New Assist Trophies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Exclusives

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: All of the New Assist Trophies

Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year was chock-full of new information on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; new characters, new items, and some quality of life improvements are making this new entry in the party fighting series look insanely fun. After watching the initial reveal and checking out the gameplay during Nintendo Treehouse, we’ve compiled a list of all of the new assist trophies in the game that have never been seen before in a Smash Bros. title.

Just note that the game does not come out until Dec. 7, 2018, so we don’t know every new assist trophy just yet, but we will be sure to update this guide with all new assist trophies that will be in the full release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Krystal: From the Star Fox series, Krystal comes to your aid and uses her staff to shoot energy blasts.
  • Rodin: From the Bayonetta series of games, Rodin will be lending you a hand with his magical abilities.
  • Squid Sisters: Camera zooms in for a closeup on the Squid Sisters, making it easier for people to get knocked off of the stage.
  • Bomberman: He has lots of bombs to unload on the stage that spell serious trouble for anyone who gets near.
  • Burrowing Snagret: This ferocious enemy from the Pikmin series pecks its beak at unsuspecting enemies.
  • Sukapon: A strange robot from the fighting game, Joy Mecha Fighter, runs around and beats up other fighters.
  • Knuckles: The red-colored echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog uses his spiky knuckles to pummel foes to a pulp.
  • Badge Arcade Bunny: This adorable little critters uses a claw from those stuffed animal grabbing arcade machines to pick up enemies to stop them in their tracks.

We will continue to update this list as more new assist trophies are revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can keep checking out Twinfinite for more guides, wikis, and tutorials – we got you covered.

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