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PUBG’s Number of Active Players Has Been Rapidly Falling Since January


PUBG’s Number of Active Players Has Been Rapidly Falling Since January

PUBG has been seeing a steady decline in players over the last few months, and it according to Steam Charts and Githyp. The data reflects how the numbers have continued to decrease since January, with a peak at 3.2 million players at one point, and a gradual drop over the next few months. Now, the numbers are standing around 1.7 million, with a 50% cut in the number of players. These are pretty alarming standings for a game that was on top of the battle royale world at one point.

The game’s average number of players has continued to drop, which can be seen via Steam tracking sites and compared to other titans in the industry at the moment, such as Fortnite, which continues to enjoy a significant rise in numbers and revenue, especially with its mobile iteration of the game.

Perhaps the fact that PUBG has gone on sale for the first time ever will end up help bolstering these numbers, but compared with the fact that Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is and has been free since its debut, PUBG may have to try a bit harder to boost its dropping player counts back up. It’s been clear for some time now that Fortnite has been making moves to take over as “king” of the genre, at least when it comes to battle royale titles, but as PUBG is still a massively fun time, hopefully it doesn’t start a slow decline to the bottom with all these numbers and changes in mind.

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