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Pokemon Quest Comes to Mobile Devices Next Week

pokemon quest

Pokemon Quest Comes to Mobile Devices Next Week

Pokemon Quest is the newest entry in a long series of Pokemon spinoffs, and it first made its debut on May 30 on Nintendo Switch. The adorable blocky game features your favorite Pocket Monsters done up in a unique style, where you capture and battle against monsters in the free-to-play title.

It’s now coming to Android and iOS devices next week, with the option to pre-register for the title via Google Play and App Store, so long as you have a device running iOS 11.2 or later.

The Switch version of the game was massively popular upon its debut, and has since gone on to be downloaded by eager fans over 2.5 million times worldwide. Just two days after it hit the scene, in fact, people had downloadied it over one million times on the Switch alone. Those are some crazy impressive numbers, that’s for sure.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy it on the go, so ready your favorite mobile device and pack up the Switch for a while so it can charge up for the huge slate of releases coming down the line. And then get ready for a whole new world of cuteness as you jump into the free-to-start game — yes, it does feature microtransactions, as you were no doubt already aware.

Pokemon Quest hits mobile devices on June 28. If you need extra help, be sure to search Twinfinite for some guides to assist you.

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