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Pokemon GO: Can You Get Leafeon?

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Pokemon GO: Can You Get Leafeon?


Ever since Pokemon GO came out about two years ago, the development team over at Niantic has been frequently updating the mobile title with new Pokemon, and new features, and has ultimately just been trying to optimize the experience as much as they possibly can. They’ve added Pokemon from the Johto and Hoenn regions, as well as tons of legendary Pokemon. What’s next for them is the addition of Pokemon from the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum titles, which features some fan favorites such as Leafeon and Glaceon, two Eevee evolutions that are only present in Generation 4.

Since Gen 4 has not been added to Pokemon GO yet, there is currently no way to get Leafeon in the game. You can still get other Eevee evolutions like Umbreon and Espeon, but no Leafeon unfortunately. Once Niantic brings the next big update to the game, we’re sure that Leafeon will be added to the Pokedex once and for all.

We will be sure to update this post as soon as we hear any new updates on Leafeon being added to Pokemon GO. For now, make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide that is chock-full of handy information for any Pokemon GO player.

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