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Mario Tennis Aces: How to Get Rackets


Mario Tennis Aces: How to Get Rackets

How to Get Rackets in Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces isn’t just any regular ol’ tennis game; there are several special mechanics that you’ll need to learn and get used to, and one of those is racket health. Whenever your opponent does a Zone Shot, your rackets can take damage if you’re too early or too late in trying to block it. Once your racket health reaches zero, and you’re out of rackets to use, it’s game over for you and your opponent will take the game. However, the good news is that it’s possible to get more rackets when playing in Adventure Mode in Mario Tennis Aces.

The Adventure Mode features a rather large map with various tennis bosses and challenges that you can tackle as you try to obtain the five power stones in Mario Tennis Aces. You’ll also occasionally run into short branching paths, with optional challenges that will give you more experience points and rewards. Some of these challenges will also reward you with a new racket if you’re successful. An early example is the Forest Edge challenge, where you have to hit 20 shots without allowing Spike to retaliate. Completing this challenge will gift Mario with the Wooden Racket. Every racket has its own stats as well, and some might be able to take more Zone Shot hits without breaking.

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