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Fortnite’s Latest Patch Puts the Infamous Shopping Carts Back in the Game

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Fortnite’s Latest Patch Puts the Infamous Shopping Carts Back in the Game

Fortnite’s silly shopping carts were removed from the game for quite some time, but they’ve returned now as part of Epic Games’ latest update. The new version, version 4.4.1, made some alterations to the game that fans are very excited about. Namely, shopping carts have been re-enabled, following the explosive Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3 2018.

The update also added the ability for you to report players in the Save the World mode, as well as introducing the Thermal Scope Assault Rifle, a new soccer stadium, and the fan-favorite 50v50 adnd Sniper Shootout modes. If you’ve been clamoring for the studio to bring those back, it looks like your day just got made.

Fortnite players are having a great week, except for the whole PlayStation 4 block with Nintendo Switch accounts thing going on. The game is now available on Nintendo Switch, but if you used your Epic Games account previously on PS4, you’ll have to make a new one if you want to play on the handheld in a strange turn of events. The most important thing, though, and the takeaway we should all have? Shopping carts are back, baby, and hopefully they won’t be removed again in the near future. That was a very lonely period of time, as we’re sure you can all attest to.


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