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Fortnite Gifting: How to Gift Skins


Fortnite Gifting: How to Gift Skins

How to Gift Skins in Fortnite

In the latest update that has hit the ever-popular Fortnite Battle Royale, some players have noticed a new gifting option has appeared within the game’s menus (it’s hiding on the same page as the refund option within the settings if you’re curious). Here’s how to gift skins and use the gifting feature in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Currently, even though the option has shown up in the game, it doesn’t look like the Fortnite gifting service is up just yet, and so you cannot gift skins to your friends or other players right now. This doesn’t mean that the gifting feature is broken in Fortnite, but likely that Epic Games is still polishing it up and doesn’t want to make it live just yet.

As for how you’ll gift skins in Fortnite, we have a feeling it’ll be an option within the Item Shop once you’ve selected the skin that you’d like to gift. From there, it could be as simple as a button press to gift skins to a friend, rather than buying it for yourself. Of course, this is just us purely speculating right now, but we’ll be sure to update this post with the confirmed process for how to use the gifting system in the game as soon as it goes live.

What you can do in the meantime, however, is head into the settings menu and navigate over to the Account and Content tab. Here, at the bottom, you’ll notice the option “Can Receive Gifts from Others.” If it isn’t already, make sure you’ve got this set to yes, so that when the feature does go live, any of your generous Fortnite friends can give you some new skins.

That’s all you need to know currently about how to gift skins in Fortnite. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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