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Pete Hines on Fallout 76: “You Don’t Need Us to Create the Factions”

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Pete Hines on Fallout 76: “You Don’t Need Us to Create the Factions”

Fallout 76 is a huge departure from previous games in the series, transforming the post-apocalyptic wasteland into a world devoid of human NPCs and populating areas instead with player-controlled characters. This has caused concern for fans hoping to interact with the many unique and interesting factions in the series. Apparently, the player community will have to work together in creating their own factions.

Speaking to Gamereactor, Bethesda Softworks Vice President Pete Hines said Fallout 76 will allow everyone to role-play however they like and create or emulate factions they see fit in the game’s universe. “You don’t need us to create the factions, you create the factions,” said Hines.

“If you wanna have the Minutemen, then be a Minutemen and recruit other people to be Minutemen who go around the world helping folks and finding settlements that need help and going and do that. If you wanna be a trader, if you wanna travel around the map or you want to build an outpost where people come and by and sell stuff, you should do that. You don’t need us to craft those systems. The game will just allow you to do that. You go be who you want in this world.”

Just like Hines said, some interesting faction ideas have already surfaced in the gaming community. This includes a quest giver faction, carnivores, peacekeepers, and many more.

Hines also assured interested gamers that they have placed enough “rules and boundaries to allow people to have fun without all the negatives” that arise from having a shared open-world. An example of this is the PvP aspect, which he described to be more of a “challenge system, not just a ‘kill everybody that you see’ gameplay.

Players will get to role-play in Fallout 76 come Nov. 24 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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