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Dragon Ball Legends: Top 5 Best Characters to Use


Dragon Ball Legends: Top 5 Best Characters to Use

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Paikuhan (SP)

Top 5 Best Characters to Use in Dragon Ball Legends

Don’t be fooled by his appearance – Paikuhan packs quite the punch with his array of powerful skills in Dragon Ball Legends. He’s a melee fighter that specializes in close-ranged attacks, and his main ability, Buying Time, has the power to mess with the flow of your enemy’s attacks. This particular skill increases the cost of art card purchases for enemies, forcing them to rethink their main strategy while Paikuhan continues to pummel them into the ground. And while he definitely isn’t a tank, Paikuhan can take a few good hits before going down. A good mix of offense and defense makes Paikuhan one of the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends.

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