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Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Been Announced for Switch

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Been Announced for Switch

During the 2018 E3 Nintendo Direct, the company announced that a Switch port for Dragon Ball FighterZ is on the way.

Set to release, this game sees players taking control of a party of three as they make their way through a mind-bending campaign or the trials of online, competitive play. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this game, above all other attempts, might be the most true to the anime series the game is based on. Dragon Ball FighterZ, quite frankly, looks and feels just like Dragon Ball Z/Super, and it even features cutscenes animated just like the show.

This single-player story mode takes place in between the Future Trunks and Universe Survival arcs of the recently-ended Dragon Ball Super. The game features three arcs for the story mode: Super Warriors, Super Villains and Android 21.

In the Super Warriors arc, players become possessed of sorts by Goku and team up with multiple heroes from all across the lore of the series in a fight to take down the main antagonist, Android 21. In the Super Villains arc, though, the players are implanted within Frieza himself, who spends the game trying to free himself from the shackles of you, the player. Finally, in the Android 21 arc, you, the player, are implanted into Android 18 who Android 16 and 21 attempt to recruit you to fight for them.

Once you complete the story mode, you’ll be left with new characters to fight as plenty of Zeni to use to purchase new cosmetic items and more. If you feel you’re ready enough to challenge other real-world players, you can head to the game’s multiplayer hub where you’ll face off against players from around the world in 3v3 matches.

Dragon Ball FighterZ released Jan. 26, 2017, on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it will come to Switch sometime in 2018.

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