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David Hayter Agrees That Deflating Snake’s Butt in Smash Bros. Ultimate Is a Travesty

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David Hayter Agrees That Deflating Snake’s Butt in Smash Bros. Ultimate Is a Travesty

When the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer debuted, people had some pretty strong thoughts on how the new game was handling Snake’s derrière, or lack of one. It seemed his iconic rear end had been downsized in a big way, leaving just a deflated shell where his once flourishing backside had been. People were in an uproar about the situation on social media, in addition to those concerned about Zero Suit Samus’s decreased breast size, but no one was more upset than the Snake fans looking for where his lost butt went.

It looks like fans aren’t alone, either, as voice actor David Hayter, who provides Snake’s iconic husky voice, agrees with the uproar. In a recent tweet, he comments on a tweet from “@VGFGamers,” who posted a tweet about Snake’s lack of buttocks, stating “Not sure who discovered this or why it’s important, but here it is…” along with an image of Snake’s butt. Hayter responded in kind with “Oh, there’s a whole host of reasons why it’s important. #FreeSnakesButt”

It looks like the fans of Snake’s butt have a huge ally on their side, but Nintendo has yet to comment on the situation. It appears we’re probably going to have to just get used to seeing the iconic character’s behind being a little smaller these days, but it’s good to know an important personality feels the same way the rest of us do.


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