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Cry Hella Tears With Life Is Strange When It Comes to Android This Summer


Cry Hella Tears With Life Is Strange When It Comes to Android This Summer

Dontnod Entertainment may have a new action-RPG launching this week in the form of Vampyr, but it’s also got love for its older entries as well. Its excellent adventure series Life is Strange is coming to Android, and you’ll be able to pick up all five episodes of the game when it launches in full this July with full controller support, a photo mode, and touch screen integration to make sure you can have just as great of an experience as those of us who enjoyed it on console and PC.

If you couldn’t keep your eyes off of this heartwarming and simultaneously heartrending story of Max and Chloe, you’ll soon be able to take it everywhere with you, and you can even pre-register now if you’ve got a compatible Android device. There’s no detail just yet on pricing for each episode, but it shouldn’t be too egregious, given the fact that this is the downsized version of the full title for on-the-go play. The photo mode looks like it’ll feature some unique functionality as well, especially since it’s a very photogenic game.

You’ll be able to use the photo mode to snap in-game pictures, change them up with filters, and then share them with friends on social media platforms, much like the kids at Blackwell Academy tend to do with pictures and videos they shouldn’t be passing around.

Missing Life is Strange and can’t wait for the sequel that’s currently in the works? The Android version should tide you over nicely.

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