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Captain Spirit: How to Find the Treasure


Captain Spirit: How to Find the Treasure

How to Find the Treasure in Captain Spirit

There’s a secret treasure stash to be found in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and it’s one of the superhero tasks you’ll have to complete if you want to see everything that the game has to offer. Before finding the treasure, however, you’ll need to decipher Chris’ secret map first.

Head out to the treehouse and search the secret stash for the decoder, then go back to Chris’ bedroom and examine the map on the wall. You’ll then have to rotate the decoder until the numbers and arrows line up with what’s been written on the map. The numbers should be as follows (in a clockwise direction): 1, 4, 2, 3.

Follow these directions in Captain Spirit and this will lead you to the little junk pile directly outside the house, which is where you need to go next to find the treasure. If you take a closer look at Captain Spirit’s map, you’ll also see some arrows that clue you in on the directions you need to follow when you enter the maze. Once in the maze, simply follow the directions: left, right, left, left. This will lead you straight to the treasure stash that Chris has buried.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Captain Spirit.

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