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Battlefield V: How to Prone (Lie Down)


Battlefield V: How to Prone (Lie Down)

How to Prone in Battlefield V

Battlefield V is the first trip back to the second World War for the series since Battlefield 1943 way way way back in 2009. A lot has changed, and Battlefield V is bringing it with lots of new features and a fancy facelift thanks to the Frostbite 3.0 engine.

Obviously, the classic Battlefield multiplayer is back featuring the fan-favorite Conquest mode. But, in addition to that, bigger and more involved versions of the operations from Battlefield 1 are back too. These are called Grand Operations, and the difference is the battle will take place across different days, phases, and have varying objectives. Plus, your performance in a previous phase, such as reinforcements needed, will have an impact on what happens in the next phase. What’s interesting is that there is going to be more of a story element in these grand operations. EA is calling it Tides of War, and it will serve as a replacement for premium pass content. At launch, Battlefield V will feature a limited number of factions and theaters, but that will grow over time as new content is added, reflecting the real-life progress of the war. The fragmented campaign style, War Stories, is back too. The most dramatic new feature though has got to be the new battle royale-inspired game mode.

However, let’s get back to some basics if you’re a little fuzzy on the controls. One of the most important things you need to know how to do is how to go prone. Whether you’re a scout getting into position, or an assault under heavy fire that needs to go horizontal, going prone is very important. To prone on PC, you press Z, on PlayStation 4 press and hold Circle, and on Xbox One press and hold B.

That does it for how to prone in Battlefield V. Best of luck out there!

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