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If You Missed out on the First Run of the Atari VCS, There’s Still Hope


If You Missed out on the First Run of the Atari VCS, There’s Still Hope

If you failed to secure an Atari VCS Collector’s Edition, fear not–a new edition is available for preorder now.

Earlier this morning, the Atari VCS Indiegogo page lit up with a new pre-sale campaign for another release of their upcoming system. This new campaign is centered on the second production run of the Atari VCS. This time, it’s being dubbed as the Atari VCS Tribute Edition, and serves as a tribute to fans and their still-present desire for the Atari 2600.

Atari VCS Tribute Edition

Atari VCS Tribute EditionIf you want to get your hands on this edition of the system, though, you’re only able to do so through Indiegogo. There are a few editions available, but the base Tribute edition is going to put a $299 USD hole in your wallet. The tribute edition is very similar to the Atari VCS Onyx edition–the all-black console that costs $219 USD–except instead of a black front, the system features a wood-trimmed face.

If you order one today, you’ll be receiving your VCS in July of 2019.

For those interested in accompanying accessories, the Indigogo page is not only selling what they dub the “classic joystick,” but a modern-looking controller. You can buy both in a $59 USD combo, or individually for $29 USD and $49 USD respectively.

Alongside all of this is the Atari VCS Tribute Edition All In combo. This will not only get you the system, but the modern controller and joystick as well. It has a price tag of $379 USD. This is $21 USD more expensive than buying the Tribute edition and controller combo individually so it’s likely that this All In edition saves you money on shipping.

The Indiegogo campaign has raised $2,918,458, which is 2918 percent of its original goal of $100,000. The campaign has ten days left so if you were thinking about picking this system up, the time is now.

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