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Five Underrated Anime Series You (Probably) Haven’t Watched Yet


Five Underrated Anime Series You (Probably) Haven’t Watched Yet

It’s difficult to keep up with anime these days. Even the most devout fans of the medium will admit that there are quite a few shows to keep up with, so it’s understandable that a few series here and there would slip between the cracks. To fill this niche, we’ve got a list of fantastic, but underrated, anime that need far more love than they get. With every genre ranging from shonen battle series to darker adventure stories, one of these overshadowed series is sure to appeal to you.

Best of all, each entry on this list is easily and legally accessible through Crunchyroll. So close uTorrent, boot up your nearest console, and get ready to find a new favorite series.

Assassination Classroom (For Fans of My Hero Academia)

battle, shonen, underrated anime

Assassination Classroom is an odd series that is far more emotional than it has any right to be. The series revolves around Koro-sensei, a yellow smiley-faced alien that blows up half the moon, then says he’ll destroy the earth in one year. His one request is to teach the underachieving Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School in the art of assassination. The only snag is that Koro-sensei is actually a fantastic teacher.

While the rest of the school gave up on Class 3-E, Koro-sensei uses assassination lessons to bring out the best aspects of each student. It’s this mix of strong character-writing and meaningful action that makes Assassination Classroom stand out, even amongst its fellow legendary Weekly Jump alumni.

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