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Rare Discusses Future Sea of Thieves Content and Adding a Fourth Content Team

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Rare Discusses Future Sea of Thieves Content and Adding a Fourth Content Team

Sea of Thieves is still chugging along with plenty of positive fan reactions to the multiplayer game, and there’s plenty to explore in the base game, but with the addition of the Hungering Deep expansion, fans have even more to do in the title now. As it turns out, Rare is hard at work on making even more new content for Sea of Thieves, going so far as to split up into three separate game teams to support this fact, as they all work on and switch between content updates, opening a fourth content team as well to get things going.

This all comes from an interview over at Windows Central with Rare Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman during a chat about what’s coming down the pipeline for Sea of Thieves in the future.

“We’re going all-in on adding awesome stuff for Sea of Thieves. That’s almost our motto across the team. We sat down just yesterday with the team building The Hungering Deep talking about what they want to add next,” said Joe Neate. “Everything that we do internally, both in terms of how we set our team structure, and how we look at our workflow, is about delivering stuff to players as quickly as possible. That’s the mantra within the studio. Our motivation aligns with the player’s motivation.”

The team is working to get to a place where each will complete their own content and “add new goals, enrich the journey, existing quests,” and more. In addition, they’re also looking to “deliver new reasons” for players to return to the game and reap rewards as well as potentially see pets in the future. The team “wants” to do them, but they’re currently on the back burner.

“Our focus for the moment is delivering awesome content for players, and that’s what our next few content updates revolve around. Beyond that, we expect to bring them in, but we’ll just see how the next few content updates go. If people are enjoying Sea of Thieves and love what we’re doing, we’ll consider when to bring pets back in.”

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