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Raft: How to Get Nails


Raft: How to Get Nails

Raft: How to Get Nails

Raft, the open sea survival game is all about making the most of a bad situation. Being stuck on a piece of wood in the middle of the sea can be difficult and dangerous, but with the right tools, and a little ingenuity anything is possible. Gathering resources and crafting materials is key in surviving this treacherous ocean, and we are here to help.

Crafting nails is important in building structures like sails to make your way to other areas in the distance, but before you can start crafting nails you will need a furnace. To make a furnace you will need 15 thatch, and 10 stone, which can be found by looting barrels and other floating debris. This will be used to make clay, which is a material used to then make brick. You’ll need 10 clay all together, five for the brick, and five more to finally build the furnace. Once you have enough clay and brick simply build the furnace.

Now that you have a furnace its time to start crafting nails. Nails can be crafted by using two scraps when at the furnace. Scraps can be found in barrels or on the sea floor.


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