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Pokemon Quest: How to Get and Use Power Stones


Pokemon Quest: How to Get and Use Power Stones

Getting and Using Power Stones in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a brand new free-to-start game available now on the Switch, and will be coming to mobile devices later on. Unlike traditional Pokemon games where the most direct way of getting stronger is by leveling up, you’ll need to make use of Power Stones in this game to really give your team an edge. Here’s what you need to know.

Power Stones are usually dropped at the end of each expedition. If you can survive an entire expedition and beat the final boss, you’ll get a few item drops, along with a Power Stone or two. There are a few different kinds of Power Stones, and the most common ones are Mighty and Sturdy Stones. The former increases a Pokemon’s attack stat, while the latter increases its HP. To use these Stones, simply tap on a Pokemon’s icon from the island screen, and then drag the Stones to the appropriate slots. Mighty Stones can only be inserted in Mighty sockets (indicated with a fist) while Sturdy Stones are inserted in Sturdy slots (indicated with a heart). As your Pokemon levels up, you’ll unlock more slots for them, meaning you can make use of more Stones to make them even stronger.

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