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Top 10 Most Popular MMORPGs on PC in 2018, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players


Top 10 Most Popular MMORPGs on PC in 2018, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players

While we’re still waiting for the next great new MMORPG to take the world by storm like World of Warcraft did years ago, there are still plenty of great active ones to choose from. These are the 10 most popular MMORPGs on PC in 2018, ranked specifically by their peak concurrent players.

Editor’s Note: Hard data for concurrent player counts do not exist for MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2.

Therefore, they have been excluded from this list. We are aware that they would undoubtedly be right at the very top of this most popular MMORPGs in 2018 list if we had access to reliable data from which to source.

Most Popular MMORPGs on PC in 2018

10. Lord of the Rings Online – 1,685

2018, most popular MMORPGs

The Lord of the Rings Online first debuted back in 2007, but it’s still commanding a very respectable active community. Throughout the first quarter of 2018, concurrent player peaks have hovered around the 1,500 mark, and we’re fairly sure the total active accounts is around the 250,000 mark.

The draw of the Tolkien franchise is likely a big pull for many, but as far as MMORPGs go, this is a quality experience regardless of whether you’re a fan of the Middle Earth saga. There’s also the shift to the free-to-play model which has undoubtedly helped to bolster numbers.

As you’d expect, LOTR lets players choose between the typical Middle Earth races (Orc, Elf, Human, etc). There are countless epic quests, PvP action, and a swell music feature that lets you belt out grand symphonies every part as epic as the action on-screen.

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