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Here Are the 10 Most Popular Esports of 2018


Here Are the 10 Most Popular Esports of 2018

The esports market continues to expand in 2018, with games both old and new managing to draw in huge sponsorships and incredible viewer numbers. We’ve gathered together a handy list of the most popular esports of 2018 so far, using stats collected in this study by Esports Bets, as well as figures from Twitch. Let’s dive in.

Most Popular Esports of 2018

League of Legends

most popular esports 2018

The 2018 esports scene continues to be dominated by MOBA’s, with LoL still managing to pull in a ton of interest with every tournament, stream and event.

The Riot Games developed title easily takes the top spot for most-streamed esports game on Twitch, with over 10 million followers and close to 118,000 streamers, There’s a healthy competitive scene surrounding the game with around 2000 professional tournaments having been held to date.

Total prize funds amount to a staggering $49 million, with the scene being made up of over 5,000 professional players.

The game continues to dominate the esports market, with mid-season invitational games set to take place this week.

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