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Ikaruga Confirmed for Nintendo Switch This Month


Ikaruga Confirmed for Nintendo Switch This Month

If you’ve never played the classic arcade shooter Ikaruga, now you’ve got the best chance you’ve ever had coming up. It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this month, as publisher Nicalis announced today. It’s going up via the Nintendo Switch eShop as we head into summer, and you’ll be able to play it just as it was always meant to be played: vertically. Oh, yes. Get ready to rejoice.

The classic shooter is a unique take on the genre that released back in 2001. Its polarity system is part of what makes it such an interesting play, as you swap between black and white polarities, with each enabling you to absorb enemy fire and reuse it to launch an offensive on anyone who threatens to wrong you later. It’s pretty brutal, but you’ve got to learn how to make it your own if you want to live in Ikaruga.

There are tons of bullets coming at you at any given time, so if you weren’t able to absorb some of them like a sponge, you’d be in serious trouble, as you can see below in the official announcement trailer.

Interested in trying the game out? You can look for it May 29 for $14.99, which is far too tempting of a price to not add to your collection.

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