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How to Watch Movies on Amazon Prime


How to Watch Movies on Amazon Prime

A Prime opportunity.

How to Watch Movies on Amazon Prime

Though it is better known for its shipping benefits, Amazon Prime is also a platform that can be used to stream movies and television exclusives. This is done via the Prime Video function, and it gives members access to a range of free and original programming, as well as the option to buy or rent new movies at a reduced cost.

If you have an Amazon Prime or a Prime Video account, log onto the Amazon website and find the movie you want. You can either hunt for individual movies in the search bar (make sure to select Prime Video in the dropdown menu first, or else you will end up with other results, like DVDs and soundtracks), or select from the Prime Video library. When you have located it in the search screen, click on the movie you would like to watch, then click the ‘more purchase options button’, allowing you to choose whether you would like to buy or rent the movie.

Some programs are completely free for Prime Video members. Find them exactly as you would for a rental/purchase, then select the Watch Now option, and the movie will begin. If you are unsure whether they are included for free with an Amazon Prime membership, access the Prime or Included With Prime categories in the Prime Video section for the full list.

To watch Prime content on your smartphone or streaming app, click the Library option on the menu to access the list of available content.

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