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Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Have a Baby


Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Have a Baby

How to Have a Baby in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Harvest Moon Light of Hope lets players, once again, take control of their very own farm and live out their days how they see fit. The newest entry in the long-running series retains many of the elements that fans have come to know and love, including marriage, and eventually, having a child.

There are quite a few steps you’ll need to go through in order to get married and have a child in Light of Hope. Luckily, we have another handy guide detailing all the steps for marriage, which you can see right here. Of course, you’ll need to do all of those before you can have a child, but after that it’s pretty smooth sailing.

One month after you’ve gotten married you’ll have a child. Yeah, the timeline there is a little sped up, don’t worry about it. You will need to purchase a Crib from Doc’s Architects so your baby has something to sleep in, and sometime before your child is born you’ll be asked what gender you’d prefer. Make sure to choose carefully for this question, as it actually will decide the gender of your baby. Once a month has passed, you’ll have a happy new addition to your Harvest Moon family.

For more tips and guides on Harvest Moon Light of Switch, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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