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God of War: Finder’s Fee Treasure Map Location


God of War: Finder’s Fee Treasure Map Location

Finder’s Fee Treasure Map Location in God of War

God of War is out, and it has knocked the socks off of most critics, already putting itself well in contention for GOTY. The story in God of War is mostly straight forward and linear, but there are a lot of things that can keep you busy that are often the beaten path of the main campaign including side quests and dungeons. Treasure maps are one of the side activities that you can take on if you’re up for it. You’ll need to locate a map, somewhere in the world, and then go out of your way to figure out where the map is telling you to go to claim your treasure. We’re assuming that, if you’re here, you’re having trouble with figuring out the Finder’s Fee Treasure Map Location. Well that’s no problem, we can help you out with that.

Go to the Forgotten Caverns, look for the Mystic Gateway. There’s a cave nestled in there which is where you’ll find the Finder’s Fee Treasure Map. It’s on the ground near a chest.

Next, you need to go to the Northri Stronghold, located north of the Lake of Nine. Near the boat dock, there are two big doors with a platform between them, you can climb up the side of this small platform to reach a dig site. Dig there, and you’ll complete the Finder’s Fee Treasure Map quest.

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