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Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Get The Huckleberry Exotic Submachine Gun


Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Get The Huckleberry Exotic Submachine Gun

How to Get The Huckleberry Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2 Warmind

Destiny 2 Warmind is out and it’s packed with new content for Guardians to sink their teeth into. Of course, this means that there are new exotics to give your arsenal a bolstering. One such exotic is The Huckleberry, a submachine gun with some pretty insane stats.

In order to get The Huckleberry in Destiny 2 Warmind, you simply need to rack up Exotic engrams to heighten your chances of getting it. It’s as simple as that. Turn them in and hope you’re lucky enough to nab this powerful weapon. Powerful Engrams will also have a chance to give you it, too. And, of course, Xur might even sell it, but we don’t have confirmation on that until he actually has it for sale. Here are the stats of The Huckleberry in Destiny 2 Warmind for your convenience.

“Nothin’ in the world that 30 rounds can’t solve.”

  • 359 Attack
  • High handling, range, and stability
  • Rounds per minute – 750
  • Magazine – 30
  • Ride the Bull (Intrinsic Perk) – Increased rate of fire and recoil while the trigger is held. Kills with this weapon reload a portion of the magazine. Successful melee hit reloads the magazine and starts a 10-second time. Melee kills extent the timer. While the perk is active, this weapon gains an increased rate of fire, more damage, and improved stats.
  • Catalyst Slot – Once the Catalyst has been found for The Huckleberry, another perk will be unlocked.

That’s all there is to getting The Huckleberry exotic submachine gun in Destiny 2 Warmind. If you need any more tips, tricks, or information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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