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DayZ Creative Director Leaves Bohemia Interactive


DayZ Creative Director Leaves Bohemia Interactive

The creative director for Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ, Brian Hicks, is leaving the studio. Hicks said farewell in a blog post on the DayZ website, in which he said he believes the game has reached a point in its development where he is no longer needed on the team.

In the post, he reiterated his excitement at the development progress made on the game’s .63 update. “Now that you have started to see, and touch DayZ .63 I feel like our plans, our dreams are finally within grasp,” Hicks said. “[Lead Designer] Peter Nespešný and the design team have a rock-solid grasp of what DayZ is, and what it needs to be.”

Over the last year Hicks said he’s been taking more of a back seat role in the company, letting others have their voices heard. Clearly trusting the rest of the team to bring the game through the finish line and to its final release, Hicks said he will keep his promise to meet the game’s full release with a 24-hour stream.

From Bohemia Interactive in the Czech Republic, Hicks said he is looking forward to what’s next for him back in the U.S., being closer to family, and playing as much DayZ as possible.

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