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Dark Souls Remastered: How to Play Online Co-Op With Friends


Dark Souls Remastered: How to Play Online Co-Op With Friends

How to Play Online Co-Op With Friends in Dark Souls Remastered

With the release of Dark Souls Remastered, players no longer have to put up with the archaic matchmaking mechanics that were present in the original game. Now, it’s much easier for you to enjoy the game with friends, regardless of whether you want to play the game in co-op or organize PvP duels and fight clubs.

First off, Dark Souls Remastered makes use of the password matching system that was introduced in Bloodborne and carried over to Dark Souls III. When you’re in the game, simply go to your network settings via the options menu to set a password. Once you’ve done so, give the password to your friends and have them enter it in their network settings as well. Now, if you leave your summon sign on the ground, only your friends with the same password as you will be able to see it and summon you into their world. Similarly, you can only see summon signs from players with the same password. To play the game in co-op, you’ll need a White Sign Soapstone, which can be obtained from Solaire in the Undead Burg after you kill the Taurus Demon. With this item, you can leave your summon sign on the ground, allowing your friend to summon you.

In addition to that, make sure that your character has their humanity restored. You can do this by consuming a Humanity item and restoring it at a bonfire. You don’t need to be human to be summoned, but you do need it to see summon signs.

If you want to be summoned as a red phantom for dueling in Dark Souls Remastered, you’ll need the Red Sign Soapstone, which can be found in the Painted World of Ariamis. The item can be found at the top of the stairs in the round tower.

That’s all you need to know to play with friends in Dark Souls Remastered. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on the game.

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