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Is The Crew 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is The Crew 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is The Crew 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Crew 2 is the ambitious multi-vehicle, open-world racing game that will allow you to drive cars, boats, and planes, all over the continental United States. Yes, you can take a road trip from New York to LA, fly from Texas to Miami, or race some speedboats in Maine.

We previewed the The Crew 2 last year, and we were impressed with how far the game has come from the first title, and were left feeling optimistic about the direction the game is going in. While the first game was OK, it hit some roadblocks (especially early on) but it seems like Ubisoft is more than ready for a successful second go.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if The Crew 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. After all, it would be fun to take a road trip in-game, while literally on a real life road trip but not while driving though of course! Sadly, we have some bad news. As far as we know, there are no plans to bring The Crew 2 to the Switch. For now, it’s only confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If the changes, we’ll let you know.

While the news wasn’t good, hopefully you at least know what’s going on and can go about your day.

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