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Driving Horror Game Beware Makes Long Car Trips a Lot Creepier


Driving Horror Game Beware Makes Long Car Trips a Lot Creepier

Out of all the horror games in the world, how many do you know that revolve around creepy cars? Beware may be one of the only games out there to do just that, an intriguing new title that finds you driving down lonely abandoned roads in an effort to escape those pursuing you. It’s just you and the road…and your stalkers, of course.

Everything happens at night to make it all that much creepier, and you’ve only got your headlights to help navigate through the inky black. Down dirt roads and through thick fields, you’ll try to escape those pursuing you. The reasoning behind all the mysterious cars following you will be unlocked as you head through the game, but you’ll have to keep yourself safe first.

There’s a very slow, deliberate, and somewhat claustrophobic feel to the demo, which only gives you a small taste of the full game that’s hopefully on the way.

Previously called Driving Survival, this unique take on horror has a free demo available via IndieDB, so if you think you’re brave enough, why not slip into your vehicle and go for a “relaxing” midnight drive? It looks like a deliciously rewarding time. And let’s just be thankful it’s not yet another game rife with jump scares, and a unique spin on a genre that’s in dire need of some new twists.

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