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5 Reasons Why My Hero Academia Is the Anime You Should Be Watching


5 Reasons Why My Hero Academia Is the Anime You Should Be Watching

A Unique Take on the Superhero Genre

Reasons You Should Be Watching My Hero Academia

The superhero genre has exploded into popularity in recent years, mostly thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but My Hero Academia is a surprisingly unique take on it. The world of MHA is a place where 80 percent of the population has some kind of special power, known as a “Quirk.” This super-powered society has changed the way people live and the world works, creating an entirely new profession where professional “heroes” keep the peace, in accordance with regulations set by the police force.

The show revolves around a set of talented students attending U.A. High School, studying to become professional heroes. U.A. functions like any other high school with classes, extracurriculars, and everything else. This combination of school and superheroes works incredibly well and combines the fun slice-of-life kind of feel along with the typical shounen action. It’s quite interesting to see how MHA makes superheroes a kind of daily activity, putting their products in stores and even broadcasting the U.A. Sports festival as one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Superhero stories are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s great fun seeing how a show like MHA makes superpowers a part of everyday life.

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