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Who Venom Is: What You Need to Know


Who Venom Is: What You Need to Know

Who Venom Is: What You Need to Know

Venom, commonly associated as the villain of Spider-Man, has a lot going on underneath that symbiotic suit. His suit, while slightly similar to Spider-Man’s, is actually made out of a living organism known as Symbiote, which bonds itself to its host, giving them unnatural abilities, such as strength, speed, and the ability to liquefy and reform.

The idea actually came from a reader of Spider-Man named Randy Schueller, who wrote in the idea for a new black and white costume for Spidey in 1982. Marvel bought the idea from him for $220.00 and that idea eventually led to an entirely new character all together. The Symbiote was officially introduced in Spider-Man issue number 252, titled Homecoming! Which is also the name of the newest Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

In the Toby Maguire Spider-Man films, the Symbiote was introduced, and attached to Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, but after he figured out how to remove it, it attached to a character named Eddie Brock, who is known to be Venom in the comics. The comics have had a wide cast since Eddie, such as Flash Thompson, Lee Price, and Mac Gargan to name a few, but with the new Venom film coming out this year, who is he now?

First off, this film is to be a part of Sony’s Marvel Universe, which is adjacent, but separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone has grown to love. In this film, Venom is played by Tom Hardy, who is portraying the iconic Eddie Brocks, the first ever Venom.

Venom is known for his lack of humanity, ruthlessness, and selfishness. The Symbiote by nature binds its own wants onto its user, and when it bonds to a host it creates Venom. Even though this film has been announced to be separate from the MCU, it is still wildly speculated that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will make an appearance, since after all, he is the villain of everyone’s favorite web-slinger. According to S.H.I.E.L.D it is one of humanity’s greatest threats, alongside Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Red Skull.

Venom releases on October 5, 2018

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