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The Sims 4: Can You Get Horses?


The Sims 4: Can You Get Horses?

Can You Get Horses in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 is filled with plenty of crazy activities to try and items to buy. Coupled with its many expansion packs, players can sink hours into creating their dream life for their sim. That said, some players might want to buy a horse in the game, because why not? Imagine your characters gracefully galloping through the streets of their suburbs, mounted on their mighty steeds.

Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have any horses you can buy for your sims. Following the recent Cat & Dogs expansion last year, the developers haven’t included any pet stallions despite The Sims 3 actually having pet horses. Still, there could be hope in the future. If there’s enough buzz for horses, EA might very well deliver in the form of another expansion pack. We’ll keep you posted if ever the developers do decide to turn things around and launch a horse expansion.

That being said, even the modding community doesn’t seem to have any horse mods yet. There are, however, plenty of stallion-related cosmetics you can download. Take, for example, this romance on horseback pose pack where your sims can take a photo with someone on a horse.

For updates and news on The Sims 4, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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