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Senran Kagura Reflexions Comes to Switch as Digital Version This Summer


Senran Kagura Reflexions Comes to Switch as Digital Version This Summer

Switch title Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura is coming westward this summer as Senran Kagura Reflexions. It’s finally gotten an official announcement for its western debut, and it’ll be available in the Nintendo eShop for North American players this summer.

The Switch title takes the focus off of big ninja brawls, cooking with the Senran Kagura girls, and water gun fighting a la Splatoon and puts it squarely on dating sim-like interactions with the main stars of the series. Starring shinobi heroine Asuka, players can use the Joy-Con controllers to hang out with Asuka, give her massages, and enter an intense relationship with her as you help her to navigate her day-to-day worries and stresses.

If you choose the right paths, you’ll be rewarded with different optional story branches, and you’ll be taken to seven different story scens as well as six different endings, all just for Asuka alone. There are other DLC characters as well in the form of Ryona, Murasaki, and Asuka up for grabs. They’ll all be available after the game’s launch.

If you’re ready to get to know Asuka and the girl gang from Senran Kagura better, you can look forward to trying out Senran Kagura Reflexions this summer on Nintendo Switch.


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